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Nick Coenen

New Albaby, OH

Nick Coenen is a well-known and respected executive-level business and technology solutions consultant. Nick has 20+ years of helping businesses to increase revenue and improve profit margins. His holistic approach to development begins with a unique methodology that examines every facet of an organization and its goals — then applies a wide-array of solutions from a vast network of relationships. His process aligns industry stakeholders and forges long-term partnerships between solution providers and executive teams. Nick’s planning and implementation process goes far deeper than the conceptual layer, helping companies to build an innovative culture and creative teams with existing or fresh talent that will sustain them in the years to come.Nick has a passion for the insurance industry and its challenges. He enjoys designing and cultivating technology and innovation solutions that disrupt the status quo in firmly-established organizations. He is motivated and driven to break down existing barriers to future development and growth. Prior to WikiFri, Nick contributed to the growth of several of the insurance industry’s most respected organizations: Slice, Centric Consulting, Majesco, and Agile Technologies.

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