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Timothy Yeates

The WiZE Network

Tim’s international career spanning a range of leading risk and re/insurance-related organisations has always remained focused on evolving client needs, developing talent and helping businesses exchange knowledge across borders.  

As a senior executive operating out of London, Paris and Luxembourg, his roles in global insurance broking, strategic risk management consultancy, captive and knowledge management have given him the opportunity to travel widely, work with diverse industries and meet inspiring people in corporate, public, academic and charitable fields.

He is passionate about contributing to the transformation of the insurance industry and putting to use the power of expert networks and digital technologies on the risk challenges of the day.

He is currently Co-Founder of The WiZE Network, an advisory and data services boutique providing practical solutions to decision-makers in the complex risk and insurance ecosystem where the need to know how to apply vast amounts of global data, analysis and research has become critical to success.  

In addition to the projects he has undertaken during his career, Tim seeks to reinforce his commitment to insurance’s global development role by being an active participant in the cross-disciplinary International Insurance Society (internationalinsurance.org), the Insurance Development Forum from its start in 2014 (insdevforum.org, a joint industry, World Bank and UN initiative) and a Founding Board Member of the IICF’s UK division (Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation: iicf.org.uk).

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